Photo: James Anthony

Photo: James Anthony


Jarrett Hill is an award-winning journalist and host focused on the intersections of pop culture and politics.

Based in Los Angeles, most notably, Hill is known for breaking the Michelle Obama/Melania Trump RNC plagiarism story. Hill is a Correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter and hosts the popular Back2Reality, a podcast and radio show covering hot topics and current events. Hill has been provided interviews and commentary for CNN, MSNBC, Access Hollywood Live, NBC Nightly News, and other recognizable programs; and was named to Ebony Magazine's 2016 Power 100.

Jarrett recently reported daily for the ABC affiliate in Tampa, presenting reports on diverse topics, from trending technology to social media and breaking news. Hill has worked in radio, television and digital media for local, national, and international outlets for more than 16 years; including iHeart Radio, CNN, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Twentieth Television (FOX), TBS, and the UK's ITN. 

Hill is also a contributor for The Huffington Post writing on LGBT issues, race relations, and government. 
His coming out story, originally published during National Coming Out Week, has become one of the quintessential pieces on coming out. 

Hill is Bay Area native, is fond of carbohydrates, cooking, creativity and design… and watching more television than he publicly admits.