Essence: 'Dear White People' Creator Justin Simien Gives An Episode-By-Episode Breakdown Of Season Two

42 West

42 West

“I do it for the snaps,” Justin Simien laughed, responding to all the praise season two of his hit Netflix dramedy, Dear White People, has garnered.

Recently, Simien spoke to ESSENCE for an in-depth interview, discussing each episode of the new season of the show, “the one thing we went into season two with was [the idea that] ‘we really can’t rest on the reviews of season one, we can’t rest on the laurels, we really have to outdo ourselves and go deeper, and go further, and respond to an urgent time.’” Season two does not disappoint.

So, here is a deep-dive, decoding messaging, discussing themes, and asking questions about everything season two throws at us, all the way up to that cliffhanger you couldn’t have seen coming — and even a glimpse into what it means for season three. We’ve broken it down by episode to make it easier for you to jump to your favorites, follow along with where you are in the season or go straight through it.

A warning: This conversation literally discusses every spoiler. If you’re in the process of watching the series, we’ve marked the dialogue to show where we are episode-by-episode, to help you along the way. 

“There’s always been a kind of acknowledgment on the narrator’s part that he’s not just this omniscient voice that you’re just listening to. I knew I wanted to do something different with that character, but I also knew that this season is really talking about considering the source. “I thought [adding] the narrator into the narrative was a good way to sort of hit you with ‘whoa, everything that I’ve been told about this show is coming from a point of view. It’s coming from a person, who may have motives, and who may have other things going on that have not been disclosed to us.” 

Justin said he and the team have a certain idea about where that will take us…but we’ll have to wait for the third season.
“I thought it was a good way [to end it], thematically, that summed up what the season was about, which is ‘think about who’s telling you the things you think you know.’”

The entire second season of Dear White People is on Netflix now! 

Jarrett Hill