NBC News: OpEd: Dear White People, Time to Use Your Privilege, Whether You Believe You Have It or Not


A message for white people:

I know how jarring it may be to hear a non-white person, or maybe anyone, even say the words “white people,” as it can take on a pejorative connotation. That’s fine. This isn’t always comfortable to have to say, but that doesn’t make it any less true, necessary, or timely.

Before I get started, I want to be clear, this is for all white Americans. To my friend, to my foe. To my colleagues, my contemporaries, and my competitors. To the professional athlete and the pee-wee league coach. To my family members. From late night hosts to news anchors, faith leaders to police officers. School teachers, small business owners, and service workers. For allies and detractors, everyone.

I don’t have to waste much of my word count on how Donald Trump has been trying to bring us together… around dividing us into sides. It’s not necessary to explain the ways in which his rhetoric - via speeches at ralliesnon-stop tweets, and numerous pieces of policy - has sought to elevate the discourse… to just beneath the floorboards.

Jarrett Hill