HuffPost: What Deborah Cox Asks Us All About Politics: How Did You Get Here?

Deborah Cox’s most iconic song from the late 90s asks a simple question to a love that she never saw coming: “How did you get here?”

As I sit at home listening to pundits debate and discuss presidential politics, elections, Congress and the like, I find myself asking a more inclusive version of the question: How did we get here?

To say the nature of government and politics is polarized is the flip flop to the stiletto heel. Somehow our country has become so black and white (metaphorically and literally). We have so little room for grey when it comes to our views on issues great and small - and everyone is often lumped on one side or the other, having to take whole of the ideas or none of them at all.

Is no one pro-life AND for gun control? Are there politicians who will openly say I believe climate change is a sham AND I think the over-policing of black people is a real problem in 2015? Is there a candidate that’s for marriage equality AND telling Iran where they can stick their deal?

Surely, this can’t be representative of America. All Liberals and all Conservatives can’t be so respectively monolithic. But our choices at this less-than-savory politician buffet certainly seem to believe we are.

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Shane Paul Neil