Huffington Post: We Need To Talk About What The GOP Has Been Missing (For Years Now)
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NBC Montana

In an election where the GOP has welcomed its most unwelcome of candidates, it’s time to autopsy the autopsy, and check out some facts.

We need to talk about America. More specifically American politics. Even more specifically American political messaging.

I just read a Politico article about the GOP’s plan for Hillary’s “wake-up call” slated to take place on Nov. 9th. The “wake-up call” is primarily this: GOP voters that are endorsing Clinton now and say they will vote for her, won’t work with her after the Election Day. They say they’ll fight her, seemingly at every turn and the honeymoon will be over before she could put her hand on the Bible and the Obamas board the helicopter home.

It’s basically a strategy for being the obstructionist party under a President Clinton 45, which is... you know... something... new... they’re planning.

Except it’s not new at all seeing as it’s what they’ve been doing since they met shortly after President Obama’s election to plan blockading him at every opportunity to make him a one-term president. And we’ve all seen how that plane has landed.

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