NBC News: Opinion: Dear 'White Allies', Stop Saying That You 'Don't See Color'

I'm going to do my best to keep this brief. 

We live in a different day. While many wanted to believe that we live in a society beyond racism - which… that's a whole other think-piece - we now have a president-elect that many view as overtly racist. We have white supremacists cheering him on. We have racial and religious hate crimes happening all over the country, every single day. 

We live in a different time. Just eight years ago we couldn't have known how a Black family moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would impact our national discourse on race. 

Many of us have righteous concerns when we hear rhetoric about "taking our country back." Who is represented in the "our" there? More importantly, who isn't? And when you say "back," when exactly… does that mean? 

The time ahead of us could prove more difficult for all marginalized peoples of this country and the world, it may be high time that we revisit effective, thoughtful communication between and about races. 

If I may, I'd like to start using the title of Justin Simien's hit film and new Netflix series to offer an open letter, Dear White People...

Jarrett Hill